PortraitI’m currently an Associate Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, where my research centers on faith and technology in American literature and contemporary culture. Before coming to UVA, I taught composition and literature classes at Harvard University and the United States Military Academy.

While teaching at West Point, I developed a profound interest in effective and inspiring writing pedagogy for first-year undergraduates, as well as in virtue ethics, character education, and the importance of language and empathy for a healthy society.

I received my BA in English and MA in Editorial Studies from Boston University, followed by a PhD in English from Harvard University. I invite you to read about my contributions to literary studies—especially relating to Samuel Beckett and Flannery O’Connor—and current projects, or to view a full list of publications (many with links) on my CV.

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  1. Dear Dr. Nelson,

    I have read with interest some of your reviews/essays in places like First Things. I am interested in your current book project titled “Age of Miracles: Media and Metaphysics in Postwar American Fiction” and am a fan of many of the writers you will be discussing in that book. Any sense of when the book will be finished/published?


    Jeffrey Wald


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